jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

well...hello there

Hello hello everyone.

First of all i'm going to introduce myself:

20 year old girl...soon 21. I study industrial design and i want to specialize in fashion. I'm Mexican, and I love fashion.
my three passions: sewing, drawing and fashion. I try to always mix them because they are so close.
I love to style my drawings, and i'm very good...even more than how I style myself. My personal style is pretty low key, according to the demands of my studies.
At school i'm pretty sloppy when it comes to style, but when i go out I give my best to look presentable.

My philosophy of fashion is to wear things that make you feel unique when you wear them.

I try to sew EVERYTHING that I wear. I forgot what is to go shopping to the mall.
Even if I don't shop anymore it doesn't mean that I don't read fashion magazines and take inspiration from them.

Well that's all, every comment is appreciated

I hope you enjoy my drawings

by the way...this is me

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